pat myself on the back, a butterfly roll

ripped off the prototypical standard greenland roll, a shotgun roll, a crook of the arm roll and then hit the butterfly, so suprised i tried again and hit it again. I’ve missed it the last 2 days and was kicking myself for failure…which should be next? i’m thinking either the norsaq or the reverse sweep :slight_smile:

Pat, Pat… Good Job.

for some reason I just can’t get the crook in the arm roll…paddle always slips.


something to work on this morning…

i try to make it real and hold something in my hand when doing it…it and the shotgun are no challenge in the Wisper, much harder in the QCC duh :slight_smile:

I’ve had some slippage with the shotgun, at first holding it too tightly against my armpit but the neoprene tuliq stopped that…

I’m stuck in the hospital until Wed morning, then i’ll give the norsaq a roll

the issue
is not having the paddle in the crook of the arm. the issue is being able to twist around sufficiently to “hook” the blade of the paddle on the edge of the boat prior to initiating the roll without falling over. I can do it fine if I am already on my way over and catch the blade on the edge just before entering the water… just the flexibility part initially is what got me. Need to stretch a lot more prior to starting out on a roll session.

Hit my ofside norsaq roll for the first time yesterday twice…go figure…still can’t do a decent balance brace or a sculling brace on that side but now i can roll up with the norsaq…makes no sense to me at all.