patch a screw hole left from rod holder?

New to this board, and new to kayak fishing. I just bought a manta ray 14 (excited about that)! I thought I was being bright and had the retailer go ahead and mount a scotty rod holder for me in the center console as part of the purchase. They mounted it so far forward I can’t reach the rod. I want to move it, but what about the 4 screw holes I now have in the console? How do I plug them? It would be nice if the repair doewn’t look completely trashed out.

you could just put some stainless…

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...... steel screws back in the holes , cut them off flush on the underside with a thin dremel wheel and rub out smooth .

Not sure what your center console looks like exactly because I don't kayak , so without actually seeing what you've got there , not sure what I would do .

Some folks disolve polyethylene pieces in a bit of acetone which makes a slurry , and fill gouges and holes with that (if your boat is poly) .

There’s a few ways
1. You can use a hot glue gun to drip some glue in them.

2. Save the shavings from the holes you drill for the new location, melt the plastic, and put it in the holes. (This almost never looks as good as you think it will)

3. Screw in some short screws or bolts. Use stainless.

However, I generally don’t worry about holes above the water line. It’s a fishing boat, not a work of art.

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hole fix …

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Prijon kayak company makes hot melt poly sticks to repair holes in their boats, contact a Prijon dealer and see if he carries or can get the sticks. another option is the plastic sticks that downhill skiers use to repair the gouges on the bottoms of their skis.. light the stick and drip the plastic on, let cool, then scrape to level. there also a company called North sea Resins in NY state that makes a hole repair kit but it's a tad expensive.
PS: last option is to mount a 3x5 pic of this months Playboy centerfold to cover the holes up.

plastic from the actual kayak
works better than using plastic from welding kits. try shaving some plastic away from the inside of the hatch lids and melting it into the holes.

Something else
You could mount something else there and use marine silicone to patch holes underneath. One good way is use those black plastic rivets that come with paddling accessories. I haven’t seen them in a pack by themselves but I’m sure they do have them. Then seal them as needed with marine silicone. When I bought my kayak it was already set up with a fishing package. The console rod holder was set almost out of reach, I have to stretch a little to get to it but I probably need the stretching anyway. One day I heard something moving around inside and investigated it and found a new claw anchor I never new it had. I remember reading when I bought it that an anchor was part of the package but never saw it. I just assumed it was lost or stolen since I wasn’t going to use that type anchor I didn’t think that much about it. Those plastic rivets ought to fix your problem alright. Happy fishing.

Easiest way
The easiest way it to take and old steak knife and a scrap of matching plastic. Heat the tip of the knife cherry red and use it like a soldering iron to melt some of the scrap into the hull. Then use just the knife to smotth it out. A little wet sandpaper will camoflouge it.