Patch or trade up?

Hi everyone! In need of some kayak advice. I have a kayak with a deep scrape that has resulted in a hole in the bottom of my llbean manatee. I have 2 options: I can patch it or I can return it to llbean for a new one for free. I have had this kayak for over 6 years and have several memories. The hole came about when my kayak was used in a water rescue when a puppy fell through the ice on a frozen pond. The fireman was very large and his weight dragging on the ice for 80ft tore it up. I’m so torn, I love this kayak but I’m not sure if patching would even be successful. Thank you in advance!

How long ?
Ten or 12 foot?

Time to make

No brainer for me. If LL Bean wants to give you a new one after 6 years that is certainly a testament to them. As much as the big stores are sometimes put down you would never get that from a local kayak store. Kudos to them!!!

It’s just a little 10ft, it’s all I have ever needed.

I was amazed, I called to see if they offered repairs or repair kits and the gentleman said not to worry about patching it, they didn’t want me out in a leaky boat and just to bring it in for a new one, they have a lifetime guarantee. I love them.

Patching poly is at best suspect, might work with Gflex, might not. Since you can get a new one free it’s a no brainer.

Bill H.

Just think of it…
…as it sacrificed itself to save a puppy and the reward is being reborn as a new kayak.

The new one will have a great story to tell.

Ok, got to put this out there…
I cringe a bit at the thought of returning a 6 year old boat that was damaged due to use, even though that is LL Bean’s policy. Very likely the water rescue was the last straw, but that the area had been worn down from prior dragging.

That said, if the boat had been carefully carried at all times (so not dragged on the spot that wore through) and it did break after only being dragged on ice, then maybe this would be a valid warranty issue.

That’s what a lifetime warranty is for. Bring it in and get the new boat and they’ll recycle the old one.

New and donate
Get the new boat.

Make a cash donation (in LL Bean’s name) to the fire department.

look a gift horse in the mouth as they say, go new!

I call that abuse of LLBeans policy.

You had the boat for 6 years. You really like the boat. It was used and the damage resulted from use. The damage was not from a defect. Why do you even think you are entitled to a new boat. Fix the boat. Or buy a new boat.