Patch shape

The snow storm that we had last fall brought a tree branch down on my fiberglass canoe. It’s tough stuff, but the branch did manage to put too ragged cracks in the boat. I’m ready to begin to patch it and was wondering if I should make the patches with square or rounded corners, or make the patches an oval shape. Which would be better? Or does it not matter?

round or oval is best

second that
you don’t want a corner on the patch, 'cuz that’s what will want to seperate first.

I always use square
On my kevlar boats, and I have done lots of them.

If it is done right, It will be as smooth as the rest of the boat, and there should be no bumps around the edges.

Jack L

You should be removing the damaged material, tapering the edges, then laying in the patch material. After sanding and gelcoat, there should be no evidence that there’s a patch at all.

For more detailed instructions check out my Fiberglass Repair album at: