I recently came across a 13ft Ookpik by Boreal Design, It had been used as part of a display sign, never had been in the water. From being part of a sign, it has three quarter size holes drilled out in the bottom of the kayak, no seat and no hatch cover, no foot pegs or rudder.

I can purchase the boat for around $100.00 Canadian, my question is should I leave the boat where it is and forget about it or could it be patched up and fitted with the other missing items fairly cheaply?

leave it there
It will cost more to buy the parts needed to outfit it then to buy a decent used one

Thanks, you probably wright.

Thanks, you probably wright.

I say buy it
Offer them $50 and you can put it out in your yard with some bushes growing out of the hatches and such, nice lawn ornament

Sign boats
When a boat comes out of the mold with defects like thin areas, unformed cockpit or hatch rims, etc. they are sometimes not given a HIN and are given to dealers to be used for signs or outside displays.

Does the boat you are thinking about have a HIN? If no, then it was never really “made” and probably has other defects that you haven’t noticed yet.