Patching a Pungo Classic

I bought a used Wilderness Systems Pungo Classic. There are several holes in the deck that are apparently from previous deck rigging. Several are in places that are not easily reachable internally so I can’t just plug them with a screw and nut or pop rivet. I have tried Marine Goop and silicon but both give out and look like crap.

Does anyone know of a patch material that can be used to fill these holes?


– Chris

Good luck with this method

Won’t Work…

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because it requires work on inside and outside. If he can do that, then he could simply used nuts, bolts and washer.

I don't know how big the holes are but a short length, slightly larger diameter machine screw/bolt with an oversize head. Apply silicone on the threads. As the bolt head tightens against the plastic, the silicone will help seal and keep the screw/bolt in place. DON'T overtighten where you destroy the "thread" being created in the plastic hole.


Contact Wilderness Systems
Why don’t you send an email to Wilderness Systems and ask them? Most boat manufacturers can advise you; for small holes they’ll usually send you repair sticks of matching (color) plastic you just melt into the holes.


nut and bolt

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IF IF IF you want to fill it with a nut and bolt, there is a way to do it(if you can see the hole from inside at all) but the nut will be on the outside. Will take longer to explain it than to do it but here goes.
Get a bolt the proper size and maybe a bit longer than you need (you can carefully grind it down after if you go that route). Put the washer on it now if you are using one.
Take a small diameter wire, like a stripped part of a telephone wire or smaller, and feed it through the hole from the outside and work it to where you can pull it through to the cockpit/hatch, or wherever you can work with it.
Next, hold that end of the wire about 1/2 way up the threads on the bolt and wrap it around inside the bolt threads toward the end of the bolt the nut goes on. Do it so there is no slack. Hold the wire on and put one wrap of electrical, or scotch, tape on the threads to hold the wire in place.
Next pull the wire with the bolt attached (from the outside) and pull it until the bolt comes through the hole. Hold it close to the hull, remove the wire, put on the other washer and nut, and tighten it down.
Not sure if you want to do this, but this also works great if you want to bolt a piece of square tubing to something and can't reach in the foot or so to hold the nut.
All that being said, the above post about the oversize screw may be the easiest and best. You can get them close to flush with the surface and rounded like a machine screw or stove bolt so they won't catch on anything.
good luck

Another thing
you can try. take a stick or dowel duct tape a box wrench to one end. put the nut and washer on the box wrench end. scotch tape them on. poke a hole through the tape were the nut& washer center is and use that to reach the end of the hard to reach bolt. It’s a pain in the butt at times but it works. You can also do the same with just a washer to go on the underside of a rivit. also helps if you have someone there to tighten the bolt from the top or do the rivit while you hold the inside part in place. I have to do this a lot with boats putting rudders on.

Good luck.