Patching Royalex Canoes?

Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the best method to patch a Nova Craft Prospector made out of Royalex is. There is a crack on the outside layer about 10-11inches long.

thanks for the help


The Bell Royalex Repair Kit
worked well on my Wenonah Sundowner that had a gash after going off a shelf onto a rock.

I would use fiberglass and epoxy.
Don’t use a skid plate kit, and don’t use Kevlar. Let me know if you want details. The Bell kit is probably pretty good.

Gorilla Tape

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No, its not a permanent repair, but it is amazing stuff.

I put a small crack in the bottom of my WW boat a couple of months ago and put a couple of layers of Gorilla Tape over it as a temporary fix. I've been out in the boat several time since, and the Gorilla Tape is going strong. I am going to do a more permanent repair once the weather warms up (suppose I could do it today), but I’m not sure it will be any better than those two layers of Gorilla Tape.

I know Daggermat has used the ABS/acetone mixture to repair cracks in his boats. I’ve seen him bounce those boats off of plenty of rocks, so its a good sturdy repair once he’s done.

Gorilla glue
as a barrier if you’re down to foam, then abs slurry over the top after sanding down the glue(foams big time). Just did 5 boats last weekend, 2 quarts of slurry. The ones with major issues (my encore and Dumoine) stiffened up real nice. Did entire bottoms on those 2, 2 holes(refitting) the Whitesell, 1 hole Aarons Encore, and wear marks on his Reflection.

Well gotta go; off to the Hudson to do some big river paddling with Tommy C1, Mintjulep, Glider and Spiritboat.

Yes, note carefully, daggermat closes
the crack completely with Gorilla Glue before he starts painting on the slurry. Closing that crack completely, FIRST, is critical, or the acetone in the slurry will damage the ABS and foam.