Pathfinder Vs. Dagger legend

HI all, I am going to purchase my first canoe in many years. I tow a camper and drive a jeep liberty. I want a 15’er. It will fit nicely. I am looking at used canoes. This weekend I am looking at a Old town pathfinder and a Dagger Legend. Both 15’, both in better than good shape. Will be used on class I and II and small lakes and ponds. Two 30 pound dogs coming along most of the time. Will be used mostly paddling and some jump shooting duck. Any thoughts on the two boats

I’d keep your eyes out for a Wenonah Heron instead.

The Pathfinder has an almost perfectly flat bottom. Tracking is non-existent, and oil canning is noticeable. The Legend has a more refined bottom shape, but if it’s a DAGGER Legend, the boat is probably at least 12 or 15 years old, since that’s how long it’s been since Dagger was making canoes.

Heron flat & oil cans too
I owned a royalex Heron and it was very flat bottomed and oil-canned pretty badly but didn’t really bother me because it was a good canoe BUT I think the Pathfinder would be a good choice. Check all the reviews here on and you can get some good input.

Almost ALL Rx oilcans
Sorry, I should have been more specific. Yes, the Rx Heron will oilcan too - but not nearly as much or as easily as the Pathfinder.

I’ve been a dealer for both lines for over twenty years. Stopped carrying Pathfinders in stock once Wenonah had a boat that was an improvement in terms of hull design.

Pathfinder like baby Tripper?
I do like the Heron and trust it is better than the Pathfinder in most aspects as you would know better. I always thought the Pathfinder was very similar in design as the 17ft Tripper and the 15 or 16ft Camper,… both of which have lots of fans. They are both pretty flat bottomed with full hull and slightly recurved stems. Might be a good choice for the OP needs and useage.

Pathfinder = Camper in 15’

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Aside from the shear line, there's not much design commonality between the Pathfinder and the Tripper (a boat I have a lot of fondness for, despite its weight). Tripper has an arched bottom, where the Pathfinder has an almost perfect flat floor.

The Pathfinder design is essentially a shorter Camper, something they address today by simply calling the Pathfinder the "Camper 15."

Dagger Legend
As long as the Dagger was stored indoors, I’d definitely go with the Legend. Although I’ve never owned the Legend, I’ve owned four different Dagger canoes. They’ve all been great boats. BTW, make sure you check out the reviews section here on both the boat your considering.

The Legend is a great
river boat and an awful lake boat. That boxy shape just does not move in the wind.

Used to have one. We could always make the gates in races but the thing was so dang slow on the flats we never won.

As long as your little lakes and ponds are quiet you would be fine with the Legend.

Moving water-Legend Flat-Pathfinder
I guess I would agree that if you are gonna be using the boat mostly on bouncy moving water, go with the Legend but if its flat-water and lakes/ponds go with the Pathfinder, especially with dogs aboard.