Patrick's new lever lock "thingamagiggy"

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Received my new lever lock, from Patrick, last week for my ONNO Endurance Wing. I hope this is Patrick's design and if so, he took the time to patent it? If it is his, he'll soon retire and just sell these things.
I have Patrick's first internal locker. I love it. I didn't know what to expect with this new design. I know that Jack L wasn't fond of it and he seems very centered.
Here is what I got. It is surgical precise. It is made from one piece of machined aluminum and has a hard black finish. It is very light and small. More compact than my Epic's screw lock. It has machined white notches denoting degree changes.
I took it over to a buddy, John (aka McGyver), who put it on in twenty minutes.
Yesterday I took my QCC and new lever locked paddle out for a spin. The wind was 15-20 with waves 2-4 ft. Once out, I "flicked" the lever and lengthened my paddle 5 cm. for the down wind run. Getting ready to "grind" back upwind, I again flicked the thingamagiggy, shorten my paddle to 210 and started my grind. It was that easy. It took two seconds.
Basically, it's a revolutionary design, kind of like the first guy who brought a six gun to a gun fight where the other guy had a mussel loader. It changed things. I won't be surprised to start seeing it on a lot of other paddles. A step forward.
Keep in mind that I am an old dog (47), I just learned a new "trick"!
Great job Patrick and thank you for supporting us kayakers!


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There ya go again, getting all technical on me.

You don't hear much about "mussel loaders" anymore - the advent of the "muzzle loader" caused the shellfish-shooters to be killed off in quick succession.

Jim ;-)

ED: Well, now I have egg on my face for a speling eror.

hey Patrick!
When are you going to build mine?


Is that like the…

didn’t finish college
and type too fast. The good news is that you saw it and overlooked it. Oh yeah, you didn’t! You happily pointed out my flaws! Thank you. If I thought better of myself, I’d edit my thread and fix it, but NOW, I think I’ll just have to get spanked and take it on the chin…or should I say MUZZLE.


Where can I get one
of those mussel loaders?

Almost every beach on the river has tons of mussels and that might be handy for defending myself from gators or pedantic paddlers.


you’re killing me!
when will this madness end!

blood is in the water. guess now we can count on the sharks showing up!

oh yeah, they’re here.


Ps. I should just edit my thread and get it over with?

New Onno Lever Lock
I also ordered a new “thingamagiggy” from Patrick and retro-fitted my Onno mid-wing. It only took a few minutes to attach it (with Patrick’s detailed instructions). To me, it works a lot better than the older friction locker. I can now precisely change-up my feather angle and paddle length within seconds. It’s very strong and light weight.

OK, I’m convinced
Guess I’d better get my $20 in the mail…

Small wing
Pat is about to get to my paddle, he has been pushing the small wing. Has anyone tried one ??

I have been paddling with a Epic mid wing?

Some thoughts on wing sizes
I had paddled with a euro for a long time, and then when I got into racing realized that if I wanted to be competetive I had to get a wing.

I got a Epic mid wing, and it worked me to death but it did improve my speed, so I stayed with it.

My wife had a small wing, (not his new one) made by Pat and she loved it, so I tried it, and the difference with it compared with my Epic was like day and night, so I ordered one and have been using it for the past several years.

This year, however I felt that I could be going faster if I went back to the larger wing, (evidently my upper body has gotton stronger from the constant training and racing) so I tried it two weeks ago in a six miler and it did improve my performance and seemed to be very easy on me.

The thought that I would like to throw at you is don’t get one that is too small unless you are just getting it for touring. -talk to Pat and possibly get a mid size one.