Patriot Kayak ?

I have my new fishing/backwater kayak picked out. Will be used on small lakes, streams, & cranberry bogs.

I am a bit confused at this point.

Perceptions offers a Patriot Angler at Gander Mountain rated at 300 lbs…

McSports offers a Mainstream Patriot rated at 350 lbs…

And West Marine offers what appears to be the same Patriot Kayak rated at 400 lbs…

I checked the specs they all appear to be the same Kayak.

Are they the same?

As I understand it, Mainstream was
part of Perception. Confluence has discontinued the Mainstream brand since buying Perception. The kayaks are most likely the same.

Probably The Same
Last time I was in a West Marine it took an hour to refund a friends boat motor part.($20) A neighboring WM manager from Raleigh was talking to the cashier/owner about store sales over and over.

I’m surprised they didn’t rate the Patriot at 800 lbs just to sell something…looks like a decent paddle to fish out of…but I’d buy elsewhere

They all look the same to me, just makes me wonder why they are all rated so differently.

And yeah they are snooty as West Marine.

So it’s either going to be Gander Mountain or McSports.

If there is no or little price

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difference and the Gander Patriot is a Perception, get it. Perception is a main line for Confluence and will not be discontinued, helpful if there is a warranty issue. The Patriot, however, appears to be a discontinued kayak. Perception no longer carries it on its web page.

The Perception Prodigy 12 Angler looks to be the same, just a different name.

This looks the same as the one at Gander.

ignore carrying capacity
Ive been selling kayaks for 20 years and have learned to ignore carrying capacitys stated in the brochures. They are never coerrect and usualy way overrated. Dont buy a kayak you have not demoed. Most dealers do free demos.

I agree with that for recreational kayak
For WW kayaks where they are usually sealed up, the volume information is very useful. I wish they would tell you the internal volume of recreational kayaks instead of giving weight capacity information. The other thing I like about WW kayak information is that when they give weight capacity, they give a range and often suggest an optimal weight in that range. I’ve found that information to be very useful and moderately accurate. With recreational kayaks, it’s a max capacity and that’s it, and the max capacities are frequently either significantly over-rated or under-rated.

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