Paw Paw to Bonds Landing

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Hi - We are looking to kayak from Paw Paw WV to Bonds Landing, MD (Potomac River) on Sunday, May 17th. Anyone either interested in going, providing a shuttle (for a fee) or know of anyone who would provide a shuttle? For the shuttle, we would only need someone to pick my husband (no kayaks) up at Bonds Landing and give him a ride back to Paw Paw. Then our vehicle will be waiting for us when we get down the river. Any help/assistance appreciated.
If interested in kayaking with us, we have fishing type kayaks and my husband like to fish and I like to take pictures so we just kind of float/drift along.


And where in the US is this? NM

Paw Paw, WV to Bonds Landing, MD Potomac River :slight_smile:

Shuttle option
If you can’t find an auto shuttle you could easily do a bike shuttle on this section. At Bonds leave a bike cable locked to a tree and then use the tow path to pedal back to Paw Paw to get your vehicle.

I replied, but it’s not showing up. I would really like to commit and say I could be a deffinate. Unfortunately, my work schedule can be a little hectic. If I can go, I will let you know closer to the date. I have a truck if that makes it easier.

We are looking at changing the date now since we didn’t get a response earlier. We are flexible if you want to let us know a better date some time over the summer that works for you. for some reason I’m not getting notices when people reply so email me when you know your schedule and maybe we can work something out. Thanks!

I’m not getting them either. I don’t have a date in mind, if you were talking to me. My name is Michael. I’m hoping to have a better idea in a few days to a week. I’ll keep checking back.

Paw paw to bonds landing
Has anyone done this recently? I’m looking into doing a trip from paw paw to little Orleans, and was wondering how the trip/ conditions were? Just curious