Pawley's Island S.C.

I am heading to Pawley’s Island for a family wedding in April. I am hoping to get out kayaking while I am down there. Can anyone recommend a outfitter that offers a peaceful tour for as few as 2 and as many as 12 adults & kids (mostly beginners) Looking for something about 2 to 4 hrs long.

Thanks in advance


You are aware…
there are alligators in our rivers? Children should be mature and not completely reckless. Just my opinion.


In a lifetime in SC, I have seen a few
gators. One in salt water.

There is an outstanding outfitter in Charleston; these folks are less than a half hour away in Georgetown:

Black Rivers Outdoors are…
good people. I have used them myself.I mentioned the gators because these folks are from up north and may not be aware.


Thanks for the tip
about the gators that will change the mine of some people about going and I will make sure only the older kids will go. Black Rivers Outdoors looks like what I am looking for. Thanks again for the advice.


Gators don’t want anything to do with
you unless you are trolling with a toy poodle.Besides, the water temp is 50 deg. Gators are southern beasts with no Polartec.

at that temp you will be lucky to

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even see one. They will be burrowed in bottom mud for warmth.

Northerners are afraid of chiggers and gators when paddling in the South.

Southerners of leeches and bears in the North.

All four are legitimate concerns but greatly exaggerated.

Now next week I embark on trying to find a Burmese Python...yes they are in an invasive threat. They are there. They are wreaking havoc on the Everglades. But I cannot seem to find one. I think because they too are ambush predators.

North Carolina has it all!
Chiggers, Bears, Leaches, and Gators. Luckily the gators don’t bite here. Unfortunately we also have way more ticks than in Florida.