Payette River - Rafting - Attire

I’m going to be doing a little bit of rafting/camping on the Payette and I’ve never been there. I’m looking for some recommendations for appropriate clothing for this time of the year.

When in Idaho…
…if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.

Seriously - it’s been real warm this week (into 90’s for Payette NF), but with that heat often comes unstable air and afternoon and evening thunderstorms (looking out at 'em right now!). If those storms aren’t dry (and we hope they’re not), the rain can be quite cold. Night temps can get pretty chilly anyway - so you’ll need a fairly wide range of clothing, but I doubt that you’ll need any real winter gear. Don’t forget your bug repellent!

What part of the Payette will you be paddling?


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My friend lives in Ketchum and supposedly we're driving three hours to raft. Not sure where.

3 hours from Ketchum…
…sounds like you’ll be going to Lowman or thereabouts. I’ve never floated that area, but I’ve driven along there many times and it’s gorgeous! You’ll love it!

Forecast calls for highs in mid-90s and lows in mid-40s. No rain in sight, but thunderstorms are always a possibility this time of year.

Your friend has floated this part of the river before - right?