PB Flashfire

Thanks to all who suggested the Placid Flashfire as a fun and nimble boat. That it is and it has become my favorite solo for the paddling I do and my size(5’6" and 160lbs). I have had it out for 20 hour long paddles and it has been a blast. Mine has the cherry trim. All my other boats have ash. Any difference in refinishing the wood when the time comes? My Nashwaak cherry paddle has eluded my sanding and finishing technique. I oiled it after sanding but it looks crude. Maybe my half assed methods. Anyway Flash and Placid Boats have been great.

Pb Wood Maintenance
Pb used to use min-Wax Spar on its wood trim, but yours is our new Epifanes Rapid Coat Mat finish. Available from Jamestown Distributors, item EPF-RCCM750.

Either way, when the finish starts deteriorating, sand and recoat.

'Glad you like that little Flash.

Thanks Charlie
Surprising efficiency for such a short boat. My old Wildfire was nice but the extra boat was perhaps a bit much. Same for the Swift Osprey. Both great boats but for my daytrips Flash is more than adequate.

I’m glad that you like your Flashfire.
I’m 5’6" 155 lbs and would also like to own a Flashfire. It’s on my short list.

Maintaince of cherry trim on Rapidfire

– Last Updated: Feb-16-09 9:29 PM EST –

I noticed some black staining on the inside of the cherry rails on PBW demo canoes. I ordered my Rapidfire with unfinished rails, thinking I could do better. I coated the inside of the rails with epoxy, thinking that would eliminate the staining. Didn't work as epoxy (or most other finishes) doesn't stay well on sharp edges, so I see the black stain creeping in on the insides of the rails of my canoe. I coated the rails with Ceptol Marine Light, thinking the orange tint would look good with the green canoe and it would be easy to refinish. The tint was fine by my eye, but the refinishing has been a disappointment.

So, in summary, my attempts to "improve" on the PBW finish were a bust and I'm going to try a homemade tung oil mix when I refinish again.


Someone might mention that
Pb’s integral CobraSox synthetic rails are ~3# lighter than cherry and have no maintenance issues at all, because there is no maintenance required.

That certainly appeals to me.