PC-7 epoxy an OK gel coat fixer?

This ties into my other post about how I took a chunk out of my composite kayak gelcoat. I did a field repair with Pc-7. I was on the second day of a four day solo trip and the PC-7 was all I brought, plus a roll of duct tape for any other emergencies. Is PC-7 a good emergency field repair epoxy putty? I buy the marine variety. Any other brands any better? I like that it’s a thick putty and easy to push into chunks and gouges. It doesn’t run all over like two part liquid epoxy.

Try it and let us know. In the field,
I would just tape the damage and fix it later. I haven’t used West’s pre-thickened G-flex, so I don’t know if it would sit easy in chipped gelcoat.

I’ve used it

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I've used it numerous times in exactly the same application you are and it has done just fine by me. No it isn't a perfect match to the original gel coat, but it isn't he with the most toys who wins in the end, it is he with the most used toys who wins in the end.

One trick to put it on and have it pretty near the same smoothness and thickness as the original gel coat is to put a piece of tape like clear packing tape over it right after you first apply it and that will make it relatively smooth and the right thickness. When it cures, the tape will still just peel off and not be stuck to the hull or epoxy.

I have used PC-11 Another product by the same company) to install a foot brace in a kevlar tandem canoe. That was three or four years a ago and it has performed flawlessly so far with pretty heavy use.

I had used PC-7 for years at work for bonding things like reflectors to concrete and it is an amazing product.

Sorry, was a little harsh on it before.
Its a good product. If you can, keep a piece of CLOTH BACKED sand paper ( cut off sanding belt or disc ) in the kit too … This stuff can get soaked over and over but will still be ready to go it you want to get a little more tooth for prep. A tiny piece is good enough as it lasts forever.

80 - 120 good.

EZ to keep a tiny squeegee and a piece of 4mil clear plastic too.

If using a dry bag might as well add some blue tape to mask around the repair … Squeegee 'till you see blue tape @ the edge and pull it up before everything kicks in.

Better yet, double the tape @ edge, squeegee 'till you see the tape, pull the first one with all the extra and squeegee again right to tape with clear plastic, pull tape and lay plastic back down with squeegee and the repair will be nearly ‘done’ or pretty fair.

Above technique is a raw, synapsized version written when I should be helping my little guy with his homework …

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