PC Mapping Software for GPS

I just purchased a Garmin GPS-72 which does not display maps on the unit itself. I am looking for inexpensive software and maps that I can load on my PC and use for planning purposes and to load waypoints and routes to the GPS. I would really like to be able use the free downloadable NOAA charts available at Maptech.

  1. What inexpensive(less than $50)software is out there that allows you to create waypoints and routes on a map on your PC and then download them to the GPS and uses maps that are free to download?

    Note: Maptech has a $50 DVD that has over 3000 charts and includes software that seems to do what I want. I also found EasyGPS, but not sure what maps it works with and how I would get the proper maps.

  2. Is there any freeware that can take my GPS tracklogs and use them to create maps on my PC showing my trips?

  3. Does anyone have any experience creating psuedo-maps on non-mapping GPS units by creating multiple routes along shorlines and then loading those routes to display on the GPS?

    I know there are several packages out there in the $100-$200 range that provide maps and the software in one package. Since I can not download the maps to the GPS I hate to pay the extra price for a download feature I can not use if I can get the features I want at a lower price. Of course there is always the cheapest way of just reading coordiantes off maps and handloading to the GPS, but that is really time consuming.

    Thanks for any help.


Simple answer is no-

There are no inexpensive commercially made mapsets or conversion programs that will simply upload to your Garmin.

There are some hacks out there that have made such things work but nothing commercial that I am aware of.

Spend the $100 on the Garmin maps. Over time think of it as pennies a day spent on a useful purpose.

maping software
expertgps free 30 day trial then $59. online database of maps. Only seems to have topo maps for US. Not Canada.

Upload and download tracks, routes & waypoints. Can also scan maps into the program. Can also switch between topo map and aerial photo views.

google earth plus $20/yr

upload tracks, waypoints from garmin or magellen.

Will not download to gps.

We use both of these to print out our tracks on local paddles.

Viewing tracks on a map
Answer to #2.

Become a member of Motionbased.com.

Their free membership will allow you to upload your tracks and view them on google maps.

delorme topo
I use to use delorme 3-d topo software. I had the northeast region cd. It cost $50. I could download routes to my gps but could not upload from the gps to the computer.

I say use to use because now I just use online maps and enter the waypoints manually. It takes a few minutes to enter in a daytrips worth of waypoints.

It has been a long time since I bothered with the software.

Mapping software
If you want to transfer your traveled route from your Garmin to your PC, try www.allsportgps.com. They have a free program that allows you to transfer your travel session to your computer and it overlays it on Google maps. Very cool for free.

USA Photo Maps
Free program that downloads free photo maps from TeraServer. Should handle evevything you want to do. You can create a route of lake outline and upload to your unit. Site: http://jdmcox.com/