PDF file map put on garmin GPS

I have the link below and downloaded google earth but can not seem to find or get to the screen pictured in step 2 on google earth. What is the url to go to this map page in google earth? Does it take the pro version to do this?

Thanks if you can help!



– Last Updated: Aug-17-12 7:23 AM EST –

There's no 'URL'. You zoom in to the area you want. Then you click on the Add menu item (at the top of the Google Earth window (fifth item). Then scroll down to "Image Overlay".

Alternately, press Control Shift O.

Figured it out, but…
I figured out that I had only downloaded the installer for Google earth but hadn’t installed it. I had never used it before and was confusing Google maps as the same thing. I knew it was my ignorance as this is all new to me. There was some slight loss of detail on the jpg imagine of the PFD chart after conversion to jpg, but they were readable at this point. I found them unreadable when I layered the image on Google earth. Is this loss of detail common?

You are going to experience some loss in detail simply from the compression in the JPG file specification.

Try to start with the highest resolution possible, but know that you are always going to get some “fuzziness”.

Send it to the device and see how it looks there as the GPS screen is a lower resolution than a computer.