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I own one of the higher end kayak PDFS but it usually ends up on the floor in front of me. it cuts down on my torsO rotation, I try leaving it unzipped, but then its starts to flop around. im only going up narrow pine barron streams but have spent my entire life on the water and never have gone on any small boat without wearing a pdf the entire time. Im thinking about going back to my manual pull to inflate PDF. any suggestings for a new PDF?Mostly Solo flatwater seated in a tractor seat. there must be something more canoe appropriate due to the lower paddle angles?

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woyks well.

But iffin' yer mean't PFD or as ah' still say "life vest" a coomferabool one be de ExtraSport Retro-Glide Sabre (or somethang like dat). Not shaw iffin' they still make it or somethang similar. A'nudder be de semi-ribbed MTI Cruiser. Ah' too wished dems still made de ol' ribbed vests - cool an' coomferabool.


Take a look at the Astral Norge
The floatation is spread out more and it’s flatter than a lot of PFDs.

Higher-End ww-kayak models provide!

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The Astrals are nice design..but my Lotus Sherman served its duty well. The WW models seem to possess the least bulk, and IME they're the coolest in the heat of summer. No idea(yet) what model Astral...but its's time for a new one for me too.


Lovin’ my Astral “Camino” for
hot weather when I would be most tempted to shed it. Very, very light weight, nice n’ comfy, and good range of motion. Unisex design accommodates moobs… er, I mean manly pectorals.

Astral V-8
I’ve owned 5 or 6 PFD’s (MTI, Stohlquist and Lotus) and borrowed or rented many others and this is by far my favorite. Feels like you are wearing nothing at all, even on hot days. They sell them at REI and LL Bean stores if you want to check them out – runs around $100 but the first time I saw one and tried it on (on impulse – it just LOOKED comfortable) I immediately bought it. Won’t wear any other style now. The pockets suck, but it is such a comfortable vest I don’t even care. Sometimes I forget I have it on until I have the boat racked on the car at the end of the trip and go to get in to drive.

Ditto on the Astral V-8.

Good suggestions notwithstanding,
the safest course of action is to go to stores and try on PFDs until you find one that does what you want.

Examples of disappointment in my own experience. Astral Abba mail-ordered is lumpy and stiff. Stohlquist— the softest and most comfortable is a very old Max. Tried a Betsea for my wife. Lumpy and uncomfortable. Mail-ordered a Stohlquist Rocker. Has lots of flotation, but it’s kinda stiff, and the total weight of the PFD must offset the extra flotation. Will go on using my 12 year old Lotus Sherman. Note: another person might have been quite happy with the PFDs I found somewhat wanting. It’s an individual fit thing.

hahaha, FE…that was hilarious! LOL

Yes, PFD! I own the extrasport sabre but find it a little confining, but better than others.mImhave the Jeraey Paddler at my doorstep somI’ll try some ofmyour suggestions.

MTI works well for me in canoes and
kayaks and is relatively inexpensive.