Pdf for hot humid days

I wore my regular life vest canoeing the lake today. 90 deg and humid! Sweat was rolling down me. Is there some style pdf to buy and not be so covered and insulated by it? I am excersising so i need to work hard, but ,its too hot in that thing!

Consider a side entry like NRS Ninja. The sides are wide open and with the high back, you get decent air flow. That said, there are still days where you will want to do a roll or dump water over your head to cool off.

Not that it solves your problem, but this is one huge reason I kayak and have learned to roll very well.

I’ve found the Astral V-8 model PFD is the best choice for hot weather. The foam panels in the front are ventilated, the neck is cut low and the back is half mesh. Mine is so comfortable even on hot days that I often forget I am still wearing it at the takeout until I climb into the car. I’ve had mine for 8 years now. The pumpkin orange has good visibility but isn’t obnoxiously bright. They have improved the pockets (not so great on my older model but I’ve gotten used to that.)

Outdoorplay has them on sale for under $100 now. So does Backcountry.com: http://www.outdoorplay.com/Astral-V-Eight-Kayak-Lifejacket-15?utm_source=google&utm_medium=criteo-shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjww9_MBRAWEiwAlaMJZuMNZNDXn4ABQFpPjWKcbsB1tF-Lgd4PcO4RZV7wXXhRDvDUL3i8mhoCvjwQAvD_BwE

A wet one.

Second the Astral V-8.

Astral v-8 gets the vote again. Open sides, 2/3 mesh back, air vented front, egg crate inner surface to stand off the body as much as possible.

Currently on sale at a kayak specialty store in Hyde Park, NY

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This could be my imagination, but I feel like my PFD insulates me against the sun. Some effective and simple ways to stay cool:
–Wide-brimmed hat, dunked in the water if necessary
–Keep t-shirt sleeves wet constantly by dripping water on them and on your arms
–Wet bandana around your neck
–Get in the water every hour
–Drink water with ice cubes
–Paddle very early morning or late evening
–Half skirt

If you do some of those things you might not need to switch your PFD.