PDF-which one?

That’s Hog Island right? Just as the bridge gets to Hilton Head. There are some spectacular homes on Blue Heron Point Rd.

I didn’t know that was the name. BHP is the first turn over the bridge . A lot of great memories down that little road . My daughter has a collection of shark’s teeth she found under the bridge.
3 of us got a little high one night and walked to the high point of the current bridge. I think that was when the comet was visible.
Then kids came along and we grew up.

Advice is okay but every person is different. The best PFD is the one you find that best fits you and is best for what you want in a vest.

I do a lot of photography kayaking so one of my requirements, along with comfort, is pockets to hold lens caps and cloths for cleaning lenses and my cell phone. Women have additional considerations in vest fittings.

Try some different PFDs before you buy and consider what you want in a vest and go from there.

Thank you Brian :smiley:

Finding a range of models to try on is difficult for many people, depending on their location. Though most on line vendors like Outdoorplay, REI. EMS, etc., allow easy returns and exchanges, not being able to compare the fit of several styles at once is limiting. The biggest issue I and most women have always had in getting a good fit is having a shorter torso than most PFD models seem to be based upon. Finding a vest that hugs my torso without being shoved up under my chin and above my shoulders by the cockpit is the primary fit problem.