PDF-which one?

With soooo many choices for kayaking PDFs please advise preferences.
Female 60 yrs, 5-6, 160 lbs. Looking for lightweight, least bulky, type III.
Thank you!


For a woman, it’s hard to go wrong with an Astral. My wife has several PFDs but now wears an Astral YTV exclusively because she likes the fit and the simplicity of the design. Lately she’s also been tempted by the ABBA model.

Whatever you buy try it on first. And you really should try it on while sitting in a kayak (or if that’s not possible at least try it on while sitting flat on the floor.)

Be sure that the PFD is snug when adjusted and won’t ride up or shift. As mentioned it’s best to try in on while sitting in the boat or be sure you can return or exchange it before taking it out on the water Also be sure that the material on the back is is comfortable on the back of your seat.

I don’t have any personal experience with it, but the Kokatat MsFit seems to be very popular with both men and women. Some reviews on this site.

Kapok is used in PFD’s it is softer than foam and more form fitting. Astral makes some with it for women.

I am close to your size and am also a fan of Astrals. I have 4 different ones, the coolest and lightest is the V-8, next most comfortable are the pullover YTV model and the front zip Abba (the Abba has the softer encapsulated kapok stuffing that PaddleDog recommends, above ^^ The Abba looks like that photo he posted, but the women’s cut). I also have a Camino but that is more for cold weather paddling (thicker and more flotation).

Thank you all for your great input!!! Oh and should be PFD lol!

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If SC means South Carolina, try the Astral V8. As cool , temp wise, as a PFD can get except for inflatables.
SC Boy

Yes it does mean South Carolina :slight_smile: thank you!

Yes it’s hot…and rainy right now…down here.

I’m in Bluffton. :smile:

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I usually paddle Hartwell and it’s been the same. I grew up in North Charleston and spent my young life in the woods, rivers , and marsh of the Low country.

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I’m a recent arrival having moved south from the greater NYC area 2 years ago when we retired.

My wife and I are really enjoying the Lowcountry marshes and saltwater estuaries though.

Have you learned the proper use of y’all yet? My primary paddling partner is from upstate NY and I have yet to hear her use that very useful term.

Oh sure! My neighbor is a Georgia good ole boy who has lived here for 25 years and he’s been giving me lessons.

I’m even (almost) comfortable with “all y’alls” and I’m “fixin’” to do stuff all the time!

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All Y’all we should paddle together sometime. Socially distanced of course. Sparkleberry Swamp would be a good sort of the middle of the state paddle. It doesn’t require a shuttle.

Ok y’all like castoff says we should paddle sometime :smiley:
I’m in Murrells Inlet, born and raised in Greenville, lived most after that in South Florida, but had to return to my roots! String Bluffton is a beautiful area, kfbrady I’m glad you are embracing the southern slang, I reckon you pertnear caught on.

I’ve been going through Bluffton since 1969. It just about didn’t exist then.
I learned early that without fresh water ,air conditioning , and insecticides the coast is not quite the paradise it appears to be today. Castoff camps on the offshore islands so he knows the real coast.
If you want to see a movie filmed in that area The Great Santini is a good one.

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A great paddle is from the ramp on the causeway to HH. Paddle around the Pinckney Island NWR which is also a great place to hike or ride a bike.

I’m at Pinckney at least monthly, almost always with a camera and a big lens taking photos of the egrets and herons. It’s a magical place.

I haven’t paddled there yet - we’re usually out in the May or Colleton rivers - but I really must do it. It’s only a 15 minute drive from my house.

Paddling around and under the oaks along the shore at high tide is special. And White’s Point is worth a visit.
I discovered those places in my first rec boat, a Perception Acadia. My parents in law lived on Blue Heron Point for years.