Peace River levels - Florida

Does anyone have experience with the upper Peace River? Advice for the general public (read families, tourists) says that the water level at Fort Meade should be at 72 feet on the gauge (not sure what they are measuring against here). It is currently running around 70. I do not mind doing some dragging and am an experienced paddler, including dragging in wilderness situations.

I am mainly looking right now at the Fort Meade to Zolfo Springs section.

Has anyone done this in low water?

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On the Peace River:

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If you have never paddled it before, I would advise against it, unless times have changed since we were last there which was many years ago.
We were going to do a long trip camping along the way, but once we got started we did nothing but paddle by cows standing in the brown colored water. We figured that would change, but the next day was even worse, and the smell was horrendous.
On the third day we decided to call it quits and paddled straight for 40 miles to our take out and vowed never to go back again.
The section we did was from Fort Meade to Arcadia

Jack L

Peace River
These people are good for info.

The river can be a little challenging when it’s low,you’ll have to drag your boat and some areas will be impassable.

It’s a fun river to kayak/canoe. Lots of fossils to be found. The river does go through cattle pastures but are no problem. Will encounter lots of wild life and along with alligators, just get them a wide berth and you be fine. Definitely a worth while trip.