Peak deluxe topdeck

i could definately use a sprayskirt/drytop combination. Normaly i use a kokatat rogue+tempest pants or nrs event drysuit. how will peak compare with regards to strength and breatability?


don’t have a Peak drytop
but do own a Palm (another British company making paddlewear for over 30 years) drytop: the Sidewinder, made for ww, bomber, with their premium fabric XP150. Like it a lot, I can tell you more but didn’t want to hijack your thread. check it out on their website.

Oh, and so far, nothing I’ve found is as breathable as Goretex. So the Rogue would get the nod there. Kokatat quality is topnotch as you know.

I mate a Stohlquist goretex drytop to a
Palm Sidewinder bib. It works well so far, but I’m not sure I would want to take a violent and extended swim in it. I’d get a drysuit if I were still doing that kind of thing.

thanks…drysuit sure. but it IS kindof nice sometimes to have a really light outfit…breathable tuilik…

a friend have a few in his shop…i pretty much paddle every day, so its great to have more than on suit.