Peak fall color canoe/kayak trip partners wanted

Hello. I’ve done 27 peak fall color usually beginner level peak fall color visually dazzling canoe camping trips in 6 states plus Quebec. Now looking for men or women partner(s) for next one late Sept or early to Mid October depending on location. My favorite rivers are in WI and ME, but open to AR and MI, where I’ve not yet been. If not available but you have a big network, I am happy to hire you to help me find compatible partner(s). I am also a climate, democracy, and economic justice tech activist; but not some self righteous type, in terms of my values, and lots of references to assure you I am a very kind, flexible, honest, empathetic, highly creative, never boring, and fun guy. Single and straight and 60ish in xlnt shape. Reachable on Facebook, GaryLKrane

I might be interested in a Michigan trip. I’m in western PA now but lived and paddled in Michigan for a while and frequently drive there to visit kin and friends in the state. Retired and free to travel. Have a converted box truck camper that can haul multiple boats that could be useful for shuttling.

Pennsylvania has some pretty great water trails and Autumn color especially north of I-80. The West Branch Susquehanna might be one you could look into. Over 220 miles of mostly deep green canyons. It has been proposed to be added to the national Wild and Scenic River roster.