Peak UK gear??

Hello everyone! Long time lurker first time poster. I am looking at buying some new gear for the wife and kids, and I came accross PeakUK. I have not heard of them, but the gear looks cool, and the prices are good. Whats the word on the street?


Like their sprayskirts
I have a PeakUK sprayskirt and I really like it. Good fit, good price, easy to get onto the back of the coaming. Comes in a deck size small enough to fit my Necky Eliza prototype.


Good stuff
Have a combo dry top spray deck that is terrific.

uk gear
Looked at their web site. Nothing you can’t get in the usa as good. By the time you pay shipping and the VAT you will probably pay more. Gear from the UK is good though. Vaughn Fulton

Its in the US now
They are now fully in the US also. I would not consider ordering anything from the UK, way to much shipping. I ordered some stuff today, and they are extremely helpful on the telephone.

Thanks everyone!


No VAT on export NM

good stuff
they are holding a 40% of sale on 2007 stuff right now…

check it out…