Pearls of Wisdom

You haven’t lived until you bonked. You know when it happens because you dont care if you die. That was the most fabulous trip.

Close to Dying and going with God.
Nature is God.

Hope you dint want to go to the other place.

All the good stuff is off the beaten track, or out of the main channel. It’s not a race. ( Unless it IS a race)

Don’t forget, bringing safety gear might not just be for you - there are other people out there, and most of them have NOTHING with them.

Having a spare paddle is a Very Good Idea. The expression ‘Up a creek without a paddle’ is off the mark. DOWN the creek without a paddle is a much bigger problem.


Along the lines of the last comments…

Bring extra gear because every once in a while Mother Nature is going to toy with you and kick your a**.


There is a certain magic to paddling an open boat with a single bladed paddle.
Ted Bell

True enough

I tend to agree that a single blade paddle and water have a certain magic to the mix. A magic wand in the hand. For me the magic in kayaking is the feel of being directly connected to the water by wearing the kayak. It’s a win-win for me as I always “love the one I’m with” when paddling. Then there is sailing and the magic of the wind. Life can be a blessing, and living it surrounded by nature is a gift.

nature is a gift.