Peeper in the Pipeline


So, I recently summoned the courage to put a deposit down to have a nice Grasse River Peeper built for me by Spring.

Terrible extravagence, I know, but life seems shorter than ever these days.

This 11.5 foot 14 pound boat is to be my son’s first canoe (rationalization). Since he is but 6 months old, and just starting swimming lessons next month, I may have opportunity to paddle the boat myself as he grows into it (understatement).

Anyway, I hope to have it out on some tough small creek / portage / bushwhack sections on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (and others) as soon as the waters melt up north.

See you on the trail . . .

Congrats !
You’ll be tickled w/ “your son’s” new Grasse River canoe. The Newmans are responsible for some beautiful workmanship & their designs are highly respected. I’m more than pleased w/ my Carbon “Classic” a 15’8" 23 lb missle.

I live about 5m from their shop. Let me know when you come to take delivery if you want company on your maiden voyage. I’ll bring the champagne. Your son’s a lucky lad ! Enjoy !

Sweet little boat
And here I thought the post was going to be about a little frog in the storm sewer!