Pelee Island Ferry, Lake Erie?

I have to be in the southwestern corner of Ontario the first week of July. Not being a fan of Interstates and large cities would like to avoid Detroit. It looks like if I can keep the height of my truck and kayaks to less than 7’6" it would cost $46 to take the Pelee Island Ferry from Sandusky Ohio to Pelee Island to Leamington Ontario. Any reasons to not do this? Thanks

Last year
a group of us paddled from Catawba Island to Pelee Island, spent the night and paddled on to Point Pelee the next day. Since it was just a weekend trip, two of us ferried back to Pelee Island, killed a couple of hours at the local winery, then took another ferry on to Sandusky. It was a great adventure.

Be careful checking the schedule. The routes are seasonal. Depending on when you plan to go, the ferry will run to either Kingsville or Leaminton. You can find their schedules on line.

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No reason at all.
If you have the time and weather isn’t against you.

I have sailed that route and it’s terrific. Leamington is a wonderful little town with a great marina.

You won’t get to travel over
the Ambassador Bridge. Which is a really nice bridge.

Plus, Detroit is a very nice town.