Pelican 100 and a rudder?

I bought a cheap Pelican Pursuit 100 this summer as a second (lighter) boat to my ocean kayak ambush. I’m actually really impressed with this one, my only problem with it is it seem to wander a little bit in open water. I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience rigging a rudder or drop skeg onto a kayak like this and how hard and how much money this would end up costing me. Thanks.

DJ Cofell

here’s my idea
Here’s what i made to make my crossfire(11 ft long dynosaur of a river runner) track in flat/choppy water.

Essentially the skeg(s) is a 6’’ wide piece of aluminum bent like an upside down U,with one blade on each side of the stern.

to make it work it’s attached to a plastic plate i made out of some 45-gal. drum plastic that’s shaped like the stern,with 2 little angle pieces to keep it exactly in place. one strap around the stern to keep it on and a bungee forward on rigging to keep it from slipping back. works like a charm for me,but you got to bend the U just right or it’ll pull to one side.