Pelican 100, can I roll it?

Just wondering what everyone thinks about someone just wanting to try rolling my yak (this is my first sit in, but I’ve had lots of sot’s). I bought a cheap Pelican Pursuit 100 last year and I’m picking up a spray skirt for it this week. Any thoughts on weather this will be too hard for a beginner to do. it’s not the thinnest boat out there, I think it’s 28" wide.

Sure you can.

Almost anything
can be rolled. I saw a kid roll my Tarpon 160. Pretty amazing for a boat that’s stable upright and upside down. Just that some boats are easier than others. Logs roll very easily, I’d say that the closer the boat looks like a log, the easier it should be to roll! (Caution - previous answer is very simplistic and should be taken with salt!)

do you have good contact with the boat?
If you have sufficient knee control in the boat, it should be able to be rolled. It probably won’t be the easiest boat to learn in but a motivated person can learn to roll most anything. Have fun trying!

To learn or for laughs?
Seriously, are you asking this question because you really want to learn to roll, or you just want to see if you can roll the Pelican for the heck of it? If it is the first, find a class where they’ll put you into a boat that was designed with rolling in mind. Learn there, then go out and see what happens with the Pelican.

If it’s the second, post a video if you get it.

I like that!

Good chance the skirt will pop off

gonna give it a shot
well I’ve decided I’m gonna give it a shot, I have a friend that picked one of these up as well and wants to try so that makes things a little easier, having someone else to watch and see what we’re both doing wrong. Anyways, I’ve got to finish outfitting the kayak for inside padding and thigh straps this week and the water is still just above freezing here (lake erie) so I’ve got a oouple weeks or so regardless, I’m buying a spray skirt this week and will make sure I get one that will seam well on this so it doesn’t pop off, I might throw an airbag on my lap just in case… thanks for the advice and I’ll be sure to post a video, I didn’t buy and underwater housing for the vidcam just to have it…LOL