pelican 100 vs. 100 dlx

I am looking at getting an entry level kayak and have been comparing the pelican 100 to the 100 dlx. The only difference I can see on-line is the bungee cord, but the price is almost $100 more. Am I missing something here, or are bungee cords worth $100?

You won’t be happy
with either one of the Pelican kayaks. Even if you only plan on floating around on the local pond there are better made kayaks out there for just a little more money. If you must buy cheap boats look for something used. Pelicans often come up for sale after one or two trips to the water.

100 doesn’t have a hatch
I really don’t know if the dlx actually has a bulkhead, but it does appear to have an actual hatch. If I had to guess the dlx might also have footbraces and the regular one not.

But I’d really pass on it. If you want a basic pumpkinseed boat for puttering around ponds and calm lakes, I’d go with an OT Otter or a Perception Sparky. If you really get into kayaking, you are going to want to move on to something longer and narrower soon, but it is easy to resell an Otter for 70-80% of what you bought it for on your local craigslist.

I have seen Bass Pro
and others feature basic Otters for under $275 and the better equipped ones for under $400. Thats a just about the same money as Pelicans are going for. Shop around especially now while they are getting out of fishing and paddling and into hunting in most big chains. Good deals can be had.