Pelican 15.5 Dakota canoe

I’m looking at one of these for short trips with Honey , the Labradoodle. Short being less than a mile to a couple of small islands in a local lake. The idea is to give her a safe place to run and play . I can paddle but walking with her is out of the question.
Anyway, is this cheap canoe an appropriate vehicle for that?

??? Less than $100?

Ours listed it at $450. $100 is strange.

I think that KOLSALE is a Scam Site you will pay them the $99 and that will be the last you hear from them. Check out scam detector. Anything that is too cheap and supposedly new is usually a scam these days. Plus they scraped the header line right off of Academy’s page. Probably a Chinese website. There are a ton of these on Offer Up.

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String, other than being very heavy, the Pelican will fill your need. Its probably close to 80 lbs. There are literally hundreds on Craigslist, you should be able to find one in decent shape at a good price.

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The reviews seem pretty good except the seat problem. Does anyone know if Pelican has fixed the problem or if there is a good DIY fix.

I don’t find 80# too heavy once on the water with my OT 147. Using the center seat on this solo you might want to try a 260cm kayak paddle.

I’m going to check one out next week. Thanks for pointing out the seat issue.

Your 147 is leaps and bounds ahead of any Pelican in terms of hull quality though. The Pelican is more akin to the OT Saranac line where seat pedestals support the hull to maintain its shape.
I would take a used Guide over a brand new Pelican all things being equal. That being said, once you turn a certain age, 80 lbs gets really heavy.

I agree when I started looking for a canoe I wasn’t overly impressed with the hull framework or the seats supporting the hull. That being said the Guide 147 had a real desire to flex about mid way as the bottom takes on a nearly flat surface in the center. It took on a hog there and I fixed it but could tell when I moved my seat to the center my feet would feel it flexing. When I would brace the hull out to a slight curve rather than flat it looked so much better to me and like it would track better.

So I added a foam block under the seat that forced the hull out just a little maybe ¾ of an inch.

I found it noticeably better so I left it in.

The Pelican has a bit of a keel molded in. I would be curious to paddle one and see what that was like.

The foam support is a good idea.

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