Pelican Apex 130T

Hi there -

I’m quite new to the kayak world, but I just bought a house on a lake and would love to have another vessel to access the water with (currently just have a stand-up paddleboard).

The reviews for the Pelican Apex 130T look good, but the problem I’m having is that with next to no product availability on tandem kayaks right now, I feel like I have nothing to compare prices that I am finding on classified ads. I am very interested in the one here: Matching Blue Pelican Solo and Tandem Apex 130 sit on kayaks | Canoes, Kayaks & Paddles | Kitchener / Waterloo | Kijiji but as I say, I have no clue if $1250 is a fair deal or not.

  • Disclaimer: this is in Ontario, Canada for pricing reference.

Thanks so much for your thoughts!

If you go to the Canadian website for Pelican, they list the suggested retail prices for all of they kayaks, and they seem to be in line with the normal sale prices at places like Canadian Tire and Sport Chek. They don’t appear to have that exact tandem anymore, but currently the most expensive one they list is $950 CAD. So $1250 seems high to me…

Thanks for your thoughts! Appreciated.