Pelican Bayou 160 canoe

Does anyone own or know anything about this canoe? I’m interested in it, but it doesn’t appear to be for sale in the USA. My only use for it would be to fish from, with an electric trolling motor, and I would trailer it. Length is 16.5’, beam 43", weighs 125 lbs, 950 lb. capacity. Thanks.

For a canoe
that is amazingly wide and astonishingly heavy. You mention the motor - does it have a square end? That might partially explain the weight. I would not like to paddle it or lift it. But if you are going to trailer it and launch it like a motor boat, I don’t suppose it matters.


I haven’t seen that specific boat. That said, I haven’t seen a Pelican boat I would buy.

Look around for a used Coleman Scanoe or an Old Town Predator if you want an affordably priced fishing canoe to use with a trailer and trolling motor.

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Thanks guys. Yes, it does have a square stern. I got an E-mail reply from them today that said they are liquidating this canoe, whatever that means.

I have been looking for used Old Town Predators, etc. Dick’s sells a 14’ Scanoe labeled “Coleman” but it’s only 14’.

not sure which one that is, i have the 15.5 and love it.