Pelican Boost 100

Does anyone have a Pelican Boost 100? I’m planning on getting one and was wondering if you can stand in them. Anyone?

CAN you stand in it?
If you’re fairly athletic and have good balance, you CAN stand on most anything - but will you like it?Maybe. How is your balance? How heavy and how tall are you?

A 10ft SOT isn’t the best thing for an adult standing. If the water is calm and you are somewhat athletic, probably not a problem. Personally - I prefer larger boats for standing. Either longer or wider or both. Problem with such a SOT is that the molded seat and foot area forces you into a less than stable stance - making matters worse.

Standing for a while is one thing. Standing while fishing, standing in current or chop - that’s another thing.

I stand in canoes all the time. Smallest canoe I have felt comfortable enough to stand and fish in was 13’ long, flat bottom, and 39" wide. Normally, I’m in something 15 or 16’, although I’ve been in several 14-footers from 28" to 38" in width.

Recreational SUPs are often in the 10’ range but tend to run a little wider and, being essentially flat on top, offer more surface area for your feet. If you are limited in length by what you can afford, store, or transport - I would suggest that you look for something with more flat area, particularly wider - for standing.

Sure glad someone answered this !
I thought “Pelican Boost 100” was some new energy drink developed for paddlers !