Pelican Case

Just received my Pelican Case. I bought it for my camera and peripheral gear. Friends that have them steered me to the correct size and features. I was a little taken aback at the prices but found a site called

The price was 28.80 for the case but they whack you with 10 bucks shipping. Still overall less than anywhere else for the 1200 size.

I AM IMPRESSED. These cases could drop off a cliff and get run over by a truck and still survive. Quality piece of equipment and well worth the price.

Thanks to my friends for the advice and for those seeking protective, watertight cases for electronics…these are outstanding.

BTW I got min with the “pick and pluck” foam filling and it is terrific. I had to go a little bigger than I needed for the proper depth of the case so now have ample room for GPS, spare batteries and spare SD memmory. Very nice set-up.



they are nice…
if you take it with you on vacation and fly anywhere remember to unscrew the little cap to equalize the pressure…

while on a trip, i was standing in line with a buddy and we had put all the stuff we wanted to keep with us and dry in a pelican box and i was carrying it with me…so we’re standing there and a guy says to me “hey, nice box.”

my buddy got huge laughs out of that.

are you sure
about that URL. I can’t get that site to load.

Got the same one Wes…
Great cases and worth every penny. Only gripe is it would be nice if they had some external loops (other than the handle) on them in order to tie them down.


Unlatch the case when not in use so the
seals don’t compress permanently. They will leak eventually if you leave them locked down all the time.

Guaranteed against…
I remember reading their guarantee. They’re guaranteed against everything except shark attacks, bear attacks, and children under 5. I always got a kick out of that last one :slight_smile: