Pelican Case

Has anyone had any experience with having a Pelican Case preform it’s intended use. Keep something safe and dry in in a surprise exit from your canoe. I just bought one to hold a Digital SLR and am looking for any input from users.


Pelicans are great

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Wha Ho, OldBill'

Pelican cases are me' standard fer waterproof cases. Ah' have used dem in de field (canoo) fer my Nikons fer very many years witout a leak (keep de sand off de gaskets an' inspect dem every so often - never had ta replace one yet). Ah' gots a large one now fer my big super-duper JVC High-Def video camera - de case alone weighs in at 35 pounds. They are de only case ah' trust in the field (canoo) fer me' pro equipment. Pelicans be real good - a wee bit pricey, but alot cheaper than a new camera.


My experience
I’ve twice rafted the 288 miles of the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. That’s some of the biggest whitewater you’ll see and I can tell you we took the full force of some of those waves. Tons of water washing over the deck. Add to that the effects of two weeks in the hot dry desert at the bottom and the sand which gets into everything.

The Pelican performed perfectly. I’ve had mine for 10 years - it looks like this one:

No But
My Cannon point and shoot comes along in an Otter Box which is pretty much the same thing, a heavy plastic case with an O ring seal and foam inside to keep the contents from bouncing around.

Sometimes it bounces around on top of my C1, as much in the water as out. Any time I swim or even do an agressive stepout, 3 times this spring, lost count last season, the box is in the water.

I do have to pay attention not to pinch the camera strap when I close the lid. It’s been close to two years now and the camera has stayed dry and protected.

So long as you pay attention when you close it you should be fine.


Big and little ones…
I have carried and shipped pro video and photo gear through Europe, Asia and Latin America with never a problem, except in customs :slight_smile:

I rate a best buy.

Pelican Case is rock solid
I would just make sure you have handle secured to something on the canoe. Don’t want your SLR floating away.

A Pelican case in a kayak is a bit of nuisance. I ended up getting a waterproof deck bag for my digital SLR. It’s a bit easier to retrieve and then put back.


Use mine all the time
I have been using an 1150 for 6 years now. Most reliable piece of gear I own.

Pelican cases
In that little mental list of “things that work just the way they’re supposed to” Pelican cases would come near the very top. Like Xerox or Kleenex did before them, they became more than the brand, they have became the shorthand for an entire category. However, (as you can almost hear their ad agency say) “accept no substitutes!”

For the replies. I tested the case out this weekend. Towed it behind the canoe for a couple of miles. Worked as advertised. Oh yea for the test run I left the camera out.