Pelican Colorado Int'l-Any Comments?

-- Last Updated: Feb-18-09 8:21 AM EST --

Any comments on the Pelican International Colorado canoe? First-timers, 60ish, want something economical yet safe and practical on calm waters that we can enjoy with our 2 young grandsons. Any tips or suggestions?

Looks OK for the use you describe.
If you were going to be paddling significant distance and/or camping gear, you might want to go up a foot in length. However, this 15.5 foot boat is reasonable in weight (76#) while the longer Pelicans are too heavy.

The Colorado looks like a bargain for what you get, a stable, adequately equipped canoe for casual use.

there are alot of those around here
on the private lake. They seem very durable and people just leave them out year after year and yet they still seem strong and there still floating, and I’ve seen them get used.