Pelican Explorer Deluxe Canoe

I was wondering what others thoughts on the pelican explorer deluxe 15 canoe. The one I’m looking at is sold at dicks for 279.99 and is 15’,71 lbs, and has ramx. I want this mainly for fishing jaunts to the tennessee river. this is y first canoe just wondering what others thought.

Be sure…
…to read the other Pelican-related thread on this message board.

If you can’t find…
…a used Old town, Wenonah, or other name brand for your budget, see if you can at least find someone with a Pelican that you can try out.

Any canoe is better than none.

I bought my first canoe, (before most folks here were born) at Woolworths Department store for $75, and had many years of enjoyable paddling before getting another.

Dick’s is a large chain. Why not ask them if you buy it and don’t like it can you return it?

Paddling it once should let you know.



I dunno about your local Dick’s store…
but the one near me has lied to customers about boats in the past. I hope it’s not a company-wide trend, and was just one salesperson trying to make a sale (he did lose the sale, though, because the customer was shopping around and got the corrected info at a different shop).

I’m not too sure about the company in general, though. That’s my only experience with them.

If you’re looking at inexpensive canoes, I’d also look at the Mad River Explorer in triple tough, and the Old Town Guide. They’ll cost a bit more than the Pelican, but they’re higher quality. Pelican will be about the cheapest you can buy.