Pelican fishing Kayak

Hi, I am just starting out and was looking for a starter fishing Kayak. I know Pelican doesn’t have great reviews but I am looking at a Pelican ICON 100x angler locally. It comes with a Lowrance Elite 4x fish finder a battery with charger in waterproof case,DIY Kayak transporter that disassembles (wheels), Paddle, Anchor pulley system attached to side of Kayak,Anchor Pole,Hook Anchor and folding landing net for $400.00

Should I go for it?



I wouldn’t
Even with the fishfinder I do not think it is a deal. Brand new they are a $300 kayak not made by paddlers or anglers. Lots of little things were wrong about the one I saw. For another $100 you could by a really nice new kayak that was made to paddle well.

You would be getting a lot of accessories with the boat, and if you would like such stuff anyway, you might consider it a good deal. But it looks like that’s a 10-foot boat, and be aware that 10 feet is really short. If you are fishing on ponds, it might be fine, but if you paddle any distance, you’d be doing yourself a favor to get something longer. Of course, that also depends on how big you are. A very small person might be quite happy with a 10-foot boat, but a 200-pounder would find it to be a slug.

The extras may seem to make it an enticing deal, but if the boat itself isn’t right you probably won’t be happy. As others pointed out, it’s a small boat. If you are a small guy and will be fishing small ponds it may be OK.

If you plan to take it out on larger lakes and/or you are a larger guy, you will not be happy. I guess worst case, buy it and if you don’t like it, you can sell it about for what you paid for it.

depends on many factors; what is your
size? where do you live? what time of year will you be paddling/fishing? given the boats shorter length, it will likely be a wet ride, particularly when conditions are windy. Plan accordingly. A quick search shows you can find this boat for about $355 at some places so “the deal” may not be that great of a deal if the add-on’s are of poor condition. But this could get you going for awhile and once on the water you can learn what might be the best boat for you.