Pelican intrepid 100x vs 120x

I am looking into my first kayak purchase and I have decided on the pelican intrepid/maverick. However I can’t seem to find a comparison between the 10 and 12 foot versions. The price difference is my main issue why I wouldn’t automatically go with the 12 footer and also the 10 footer would easier to lug around and store.

I have a medium experience level and would mostly use it on creeks, rivers and lakes. I don’t need a ton of speed but I do enjoy it now and then. Any help would be great.

looking at
the gear guide here, i don’t see a 12 intrepid or matrix. the summit comes in 10 and 12. I would likely opt for the 12 for added capacity , the stern hatch and speed/tracking for the lakes and bigger water. it should still be plenty nimble for creeks. but ,try them both on if you can