Pelican kayak storage hatch fix

My kayak is so old it says Potomac on it, but they must have been bought by Pelican. Anyway, my husky got to the bungee system that keeps the flimsy rear hatch sealed (sort of). How can I restring that, or otherwise modify the hatch lid so it stays on? He got all the rest of the bungee as well, though I don’t know that I need that. He also chewed up some of the foam near the seat. No, I’m not getting rid of him or springing for a new kayak, lol.

Step one is post a picture so that we know what you’re dealing with. There are a lot of clever people on this forum who would probably offer suggestions then.

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If it’s essentially a Pelican, depending on the model, it could be easy. Replacement bungee cord is available on amazon. In Canada, Princess Auto was clearing out these Bungee Deck kits last year for $2.

I know some models of pelican make it tricky to access behind the seat where you are going to need to grab the cord after threading it through the top of the hatch. You might need to use a metal coat hanger or something similar to get the cord so you can knot the end.