Pelican Kayak

I have a question to anyone that has paddled or owned a Pelican Pursuit 14’ DLX. What is your opinion on this kayak?

Ok, I’ve never owned a Pelican so my opinion isn’t as good as someone who does.

But when I go to the store and press the hull of a pelican with my thumb, it depresses!

That makes me thing it is a VERY THIN shell and thin means wear holes the first time I drag it over the sand or hit a rock or the tie-downm strap rubs.

Also I find they don’t sand down the mold seams. Where the two parts of the moldcome together, there is always a bit of plastic that pushes into that seam. Most kayaks have that little bit sanmded off before they sell it, pelicans do not.

Now they look neat from a distance. futuristic, all those fake air-vanes and such like a 1950;s t0burt with fins. But I just think they are cheaply made boats.

Thanks I appreciate that warning. In order for me to even see one I would have to travel about 65 miles. Your thoughts will probably save me a trip.

pelican kayak
i own you …i have pursuit 10 ft blue it very good for me and traacking is very good also only small problem with rear hatch it leak if the scrap not closed tight othe rthan that it great for the money…i love it had for past 3 years now…had some scraps here /there

2nd hand account
I talked to an older guy last summer who owns a kayak rental business in Northern MN. I asked him the same question about the pursuit (it does look cool and I’m also a novice). He said he had a friend who had one and left it on his car top for a couple of days in the “heat” of a Minnesota summer. When he came home from work at the end of a long sunny day, the yak was nearly flat from melting down. It was a complete loss.

This is a second hand account, but from what I considered to be a very reliable source. I’ve seen them at Gander Mountain and it wouldn’t surprise me from the feel of the thing.