Pelican Kayaks?

I was wondering if anyone has used any of the Pelican brand yaks. And weather they are worth it for a rec. yak for slower rivers and flatwater. Rivers would only be class 1, maybe 2.



What? Pelican makes kayaks???
Only kidding; I would avoid using the pelican brand of kayak due to the fact that they are made of very cheap materials. You can get alot more bang for your buck going with the bigger and better name brands; such as Wilderness Systems, or Old Town. Check into the WS Pamlico 100, the OT Otter XT, or the Perception Sparky/Swifty

i have 2 old pelican kayaks. bad mistake considering a sparky at the time was about 50-60 bucks more. my pelicans have been sitting around with nothing to do for a few years now.

Another Pelican Kayak
I’ve got a Coleman Quest, which is manufactured by Pelican. It’s identical to the Pelican Viper sit on top. I found it at Sportmart 1 1/2 years ago for $189.00 with a paddle and backrest. The Vipers are going for $300.00. Get something else.

Tracking is really poor. It can be paddled in a

straight line but you’ll constantly be making corrections if there’s any shift in current or wind direction. Tippy feeling considering the 31" beam. Lighter paddlers may find it more stable.

It’s pretty slow also. The hull oilcans a bit

after sitting down in it. The WS Pamlico 100 is a

much better value at $300.00 and there are other boats in that range that are better.