Pelican Mustang 120X cockpit cover question

Hi all,
I’m looking into getting a Pelican Mustang 120X next season.
It’s basically similar to the Vanquish and Maveric 120x.
The guy at the store said that the cockpit lip isn’t suited for a spray skirt or a (transport/storage) cover.
I doubt that, but then again, the lip wasn’t all that deep… So I’m wondering. Any one know of covers and skirts that would fit these models?
I am in Europe so often brands and models are hard to get locally compared to what is available in the US & Canada.


There’s a post from Marshall in the “Are Pelicans as bad as I think they are?” thread that I think was intended as a response to your post. It’s currently about the 3rd last response in that thread.

I noticed. Just did my answer here. Should have been as a reply to his post…