Pelican Persuit 100/Noob questions

I got ahold of a Pelican Persuit 100 yak on the cheap ($100) so I grabbed it to test the waters of kayak fishing. I modded it with a couple of rod holders and added an anchor trolley and for a total investment of around $150, I think I did okay. BUT as I have been using it, I have some gripes and I’m wondering if it is my sorry kayak, me, or this is just the nature of fishing out of such a light boat.

  1. The boat just doesn’t track for squat. If I’m just drifting, it is just a matter of seconds before I have to get the paddle back out to make an adjustment.

  2. The boat, whether from wind or chop from other boats LOOOVES the shore. Add this to #1 and I’m pretty much cussing the boat non-stop unless I’m in a cove.

  3. Since the boat is so light, a decent size fish will literally pull me. I caught a 3 - 4 lb bass last night and I ended up in the grass bed I caught him in cuz he dragged me into it. This is kind of cool in a way, but I’d hate to lose a chance to catch a 2nd fish becuase I end up stuck in the cover I catch every fish from.

    I really enjoy how quickly I can get on the water with this boat. I also love catching the fish that low and close to the water. Part of me is thinking about investing in a 12’ sit-on kayak - but if I’m going to be fighting all these issues with that boat too, I wonder if it is worth a $500-odd investment.

    My house is 5 minutes from a 6600 acre lake so I’m able to fish 2+ times a week. I mainly added that to make y’all jealous.

You are starting to understand some of the issues with fishing from a paddle boat. You need to simultaneously use your hands to fish and paddle. Here are a couple of helpers. Usually tracking means the ability of the kayak to go straight while paddling. This is a skill that you will develop with experience. Some boats track better than others but all of them will with a little work. If by tracking you mean that the boat does not drift straight after you stop paddling – I have never met a boat that does. While a sea anchor might help I doubt it and would suggest that you either anchor or try a small one hand paddle to help address your drift. The same is true of your second comment which I read to say that the boat drifts toward shore in the wind and chop. Again, I have never met a boat that does not. If you watch the guys with the big bass boats they are constantly running their trolling motors to hold them in place. So while your boat may be a little more susceptible to drift than a larger kayak, I doubt that it is by much and I will guarantee it is less than my canoe which offers a taller profile to the wind. Usually the advantages of a kayak out weight these limitations.


welllll. . . .
Thanks for the info - that all makes sense. I fished alot as a kid/teen and am just now getting back into it. In the 20 year lay off, I guess I had forgotten that I fished in a boat with a trolling motor basically my whole life.

Gander Mtn has a Perception Sport 12.5 angler on sale this week. I went and checked them out at lunch. Some how, one ended up in the back of my truck. I guess I’ll keep it :slight_smile:

It has so much more room than my 10’ sit in kayak!! Can’t wait for friday now