pelican pusuit 100 vrs old town otter

OK, I know nothing. Does anyone have an opinion od the Pelican Pursuit 100 (10ft) vrs the Old Town Otter (9ft 4in). Brand new to this and just looking to try something new. I expect it may just end up in my garage with all my other items. I am 6 ft 4 inches and 185 lbs. Worried about the foot pegs. Have heard that these small don’t track well. Expect will be used mostly on flat water in south centeral Texas. Looking for something easy to transport.

You don’t say your experience, but
by your handle it sounds like you are new, and for what it is worth, just about everyone I know has stared with similar yaks when they started out.

No they don’t track well, but any one can keep them going straight and who cares if you are out on the water enjoying yourself.

Naturally it is always best to try before you buy, if it is at all possible.



How far
do you want to paddle? The otter is inexpensive and will get you on the water. Its also fairly inefficient with negligible glide. If you end up enjoying the sport, you’ll probably buy another. My only concern is that you might have a bad experience paddling it (if you want go any distance, the Otter is a great workout). For short distance, low weight, low cost, just getting out and piddling, the otter is a great boat. Of course, I saw a woman once who paddled an Otter for 14 miles and kept up with everyone in the group. But she said that she had to stroke 4 times for everyone elses one.