Pelican Seat Back

I recently broke the seat back for a Pelican Ram-X boat. The seat is the Ergolite model. Finding the needed part is proving to be quite a challenge (impossible so far). The Pelican website lists it as SKU#PS1460. However, it is out of stock with no available date. I have not seen one on eBay or Amazon, and our local stores are telling me that if I can’t get it from the manufacturer then they can’t either.

I noticed that Pelican has other seat backs, but they can’t (or won’t) tell me if those other seat backs are compatible. It basically has a 2 1/2" wide plastic “strip” that rivets onto the boat. That is the part that broke. The actual seat back then slides onto that plastic and is adjustable through four holes (i.e. the hole that you screw it into determines the seat back height).

Does anyone have any advice on finding a replacement? THANK YOU!!

Poke around here. Might find what you need.

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Add some pad eyes and get a sit on top clip on seat.

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