Pelican Spring 120XR - First recreational kayak?

Good day,

I know a lot of people on this forum don’t recommend or like Pelican brand kayaks, but I’m wondering if anyone has experience or thoughts specifically on the Sprint 120XR?

Unlike most other Pelican kayaks, this one at least has a stern bulkhead, and it’s 12’ long. It’s a bit heavier than would be ideal for me, but it’s also like half the price of a thermoformed kayak, so I’m thinking it might be an okay first kayak.

It appears to be a rebranding of the Elie kayaks, which Pelican bought out a year or couple of years ago.

There’s a review on Youtube from Umiak Outdoor Outfitters from earlier this year which is positive, and they seem to be a reputable dealer that wouldn’t carry it if it were too bad. . .

Does anyone have experience with these or even Elie Sprint kayaks?


For the MSRP after a quick look up online,take a look at used kayaks such as a Manitou or Carolina which you should get for the same price or less. Weight will be the same but quality and paddling will be immensely better.

I’ve got to go with Kayakhank on this one. The used market has a ton of options for that price range. I have bought several of my boats used for less money.
As for the pelican quality, they seem to be decent enough for rec boats. I knew a gal that had one for several years and loved hers. Different model, but a Pelican.