Pelican Ultimate 120???


While out browsing the local mall, I came across what I believe is a pretty good deal.

It’s a Pelican Utlimate 120 hardshell kayak. It’s 12 feet long, comes with a cartop carrier, and comes with a free paddle (up to $50 value).

The total price of the whole thing is $270. They have the kayak listed as being normally $449, the cartop carrier as being about $30 (it’s just one of those foam block and strap type ones) and the paddles obviously are up to $50…however, they have several paddles that are MARKED $120 normally down to $50 for clearance.

I currently have an inflatable, and had planned on staying with inflatables for a while…but this deal seems to be pretty nice. I figure the boat actually isn’t worth $449…but probably about $350 from anywhere else…then the paddle and the carrier would put the value of the whole thing at about $430 or more normally. All of that for $270.

The problem is, I can’t find much information about the boat. It’s not listed on Pelican’s site. There weren’t any reviews of it in the review section here.

For what it’s worth, it’s at Dunham’s and I’ve HEARD that Dunham’s has some “special” model numbers for the Pelican kayaks that they sell.

So, what say you all…is this a good deal?? They only have a few left…but luckily they are all colors that I actually like!!!

A quick search turned out these

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Sorry - could not find anything better... What are the specs on the Ultimate 120? Width, cockpit size, weight? If it is under 25" wide it may actually be fun to paddle though I would not expect it to be rocket-fast or more importantly seaworthy (or should I say tip-over worthy) without some added flotation at this price....

For the paddle, check out the Epic paddle wizard ( for the best size paddle for you and your boat. Most department stores would sell you just about any type and size paddle and it may not be what you want. Of course, take what they got as it is "free" and if you don't like it - sell it to someone who would...

That one…
That one in the shooter’s legacy forum sounds like it’s about the same one.

From what I can tell…it’s the NON-FISHING version of this Pelican boat here:

It looks the exact same, only it doesn’t have the fishing pole mount. It even has the same style of “Logo Plaque” right in front of the cockpit there.

Price seems right…
… if this is the kind of boat you are after.

Sorry, have not paddled this one or a similar boat to know how it handles. It will probably be as good as any 12’ boat with medium stability probably. Perfect for an hour or two quick padling on the local pond or river.

I vaguely recall reading some reviews on a similar boat (the 100 model may be?) and folks found it tippy, though that is relative to what they are used to…

A 12 footer any way you look at it will be good for slow paddling/fishing, may be rivers where maneuverability is more important than tracking or speed. It will bounce up and down in waves since it is short but will probably surf downwind easy even on small wind waves.

Don’t know what inflatable you got but this probably will feel heavier, less stable, a bit faster… If it does not have a sealed bulkhead in the rear (pretty sure it does not in the front) you need to be careful where you take it as it may pretty much sink if it fills-up with water from waves or if you turn over.

For a seat pad, try something like this though it may be overpriced compared to the boat -:wink: (I recently got the seat pad only version) to put on a bare plastic seat and it is great - stays in place, low profile, supportive yet allows movement…

Check the “Pursuit” line
These are the reviews I mentioned. The hull seems very similar to my untrained eye -:wink:

I’m not…
…in any real hurry to get anything new.

I would rather save my money and buy a nicer inflatable than what I have…because storage and transportation are two of my biggest points when buying.

I just thought that if this was a great deal, I might jump on it and just try to make it work.

See if labels give melamine content.

re>pelican boat
hi …just word of advice…IF you decide to buy it , sit in it first to check seat comfort and foot room! they’r kinda shallow in depth from what i remember. I sat in one a couple of years ago and was not impressed with it and my size 9 feet were a bit cramped! and i’ve heard other ppl complain about foot angle/room in Pelicans.

hi again…i didn’t stop to think if the ultimate is a SOT or a Sit-in ,i tried to google up pics of the boat but struck out…i just assumed it was like the pelican sit-in boats for sale around here.

I bought the 120x exo. (In my photo)

I’m new to kayaking, but have canoed for several years.

Since this thread is from 09 ? Guess this boat has been around a while…

The msrp was $399 without any freebies.
I got it for $349. Had it out once.
Want to build a useful dashboard for it.

Is it this one? ULTIMATE 120 SOT | Pelican Sport